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Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris
Jardin du Luxembourg, 29" x 19.5", 2011

Ashbridges Bay, Toronto
Ashbridges Bay, 28" x 17", 2011

Place de la Republique, Strasbourg
Place de la République, 26.5" x 16", 2006/12

Harbourfront, Toronto
Harbourfront, Toronto, 2007

Centre Island pool, Toronto
Centre Island pool, Toronto, 2007

MoMA, New York
MoMA, New York, 2009

Union Station, Toronto
Union Station, Toronto, 2009

Capitoline Hill, Rome
Capitoline Hill, Rome, 2010

Trafalgar Square, London
Trafalgar Square, London, 2010

"The Tourist" series, Switzerland
"The Tourist" series, Switzerland, Snapshots, 2006/2012

In this work directly above, I took what appear to be a series of faded tourist snapshots I took of European fountains and put the same image of myself in each scene. By presenting moments that never actually existed, I am rewriting the memory of a foreign holiday. By doing this, I am asking the viewer to contemplate the experience of tourism, and in a bigger sense to consider the fuzzy way we sometimes choose to remember our past.

I used a 1950's era camera purchased at a flea market to capture these images. It uses only one exposure setting and focal length. Mid-format film was fitted into the camera, the recommended film no longer being available, hence the distortion in some images. The film was cross-processed, then digitally scanned and manipulated.




All images are available in two sizes, approximately 24" x 36" for $800 unmounted, or approximately 12.5" x 18.5" for $300 unmounted. Limited editions of 3.


Archival pigment prints.


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