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Chimneys, Toronto, 2015

Radar Tower
Radar tower, Berlin, 2015

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, 2015

Planetarium, Toronto, 2015

Templehof, Berlin, 2015

Lighthouse, Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Ontario, 2015

Mounted Statue
Mounted statue, Copenhagen, 2015

Yorkville, Toronto, 2015

Cenotaph, Toronto, 2015

63 AugustStrasse
63 AugustStrasse, Berlin, 2015

Cincinatti Union Terminal
Union Terminal, Cincinnati, 2015

Strøget, Copenhagen, 2015

College Street FireHall
Station 315 fire hall, Toronto, 2015

Cathedral, Passau
Cathedral, Passau, 2017

HafenCity, Hamburg, 2015

Times Square building Rochester
Times Square Building, Rochester, 2017

Fernsehturm, Berlin, 2015

I search for very public and engaging locations and then I shoot a number of frames from one vantage point. By adding an amount of manipulation to the photographs later – specifically, by combining several scenes and overlaying them to create one image comprising several moments – the experience of the single documentary instant is multiplied, letting the viewer feel the movement and passing of time through the photo, in this case the clouds above our heads. By having one or more stationary elements in each execution (a stature, a building etc), where all the colours come together in black and white, I give the viewer a sense of place. We are not in the clouds, but down on the earth looking up.


All images are available in two sizes, 24" x 36" for $800 unmounted, or 16.5" x 29" for $400 unmounted. Limited editions of 3.


Archival pigment prints.


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