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Station Time

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Wien Westbahnhof, Vienna, 2017

Salzburg Hauptbahnhof, Salzburg, 2017

30th Street Station, Philadelphia, 2015
30th Street Station, Philadelphia, 2015

Gare St. Lazare
Gare St. Lazare, Paris, 2012

Union Station
Union Station, Toronto, 2012

Grand Central Terminal, New York, 2012

Union Station Chicago
Union Station, Chicago, 2014

Gare de Nord
Gare de Nord, Paris, 2012

Berlin Haupbahnhof
Berlin Haupbahnhof, 2013

Hamburg Bahnhof
Hamburger Bahnhof, 2013

South Station
South Station, Boston, 2012

St. Pancras Station, London, 2012

Central Station, Copenhagen, 2013
Central Station, Copenhagen, 2013

Liverpool Street exit, Liverpool Station, London, 2012

Gare de Lyon
Gare de Lyon, Paris, 2012

South Station, Track 9
South Station, Track #9, Boston, 2012

Liverpool Station
Liverpool Station, London, 2012

Paddington Station
Paddington Station, London, 2012

Gare Austerlitz
Gare Austerlitz, Paris, 2012

Station Time is a study to capture how time is perceived in train stations. Entering a train station is to immerse oneself into several timelines, all concurrent. We see weighty trains in old stations, yet the people are ephemeral, ghost-like, transitory.


In these stations there is a palimpsest, or layering, of time: present experiences are constantly
layered over faded pasts. The layering of colours and images simultaneously captures the energy of traveling, while evoking a nostalgia for these old places. These are the places where people travel,
but trains terminate. Their future is always in question, but while they are here, the older stations seem to be eternal.


I have combined the look of romantic black and white photography and a very modern technique
of layering several frames in different colour channels so that the passing of time and our brief
presence in these places is felt. Every moment, our complex bustling, our comings and goings all dissipate into the air.


All images are available in two sizes, approximately 18" x 27", or 9" x 14". Limited editions of 3.


Archival pigment prints.


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